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I do not know why the Black Flag just loaded up as an added game in the background. I've seen a similar thing happen in other games. Q: Get and Set method in java Can anyone please tell me what is the difference between get and set method in java? A: Getters/setters are meant to provide a way for you to encapsulate access to an internal class variable or instance variable of your class. You would use a getter if the value of the field is expensive to compute or if you are only going to be accessing it from a specific method in your class. public int getFoo() { return foo; } You would use a setter if the value of the field is trivial to compute, and you need to be able to set it from outside the class. public void setFoo(int foo) { = foo; } However, getters/setters are more than just a way to hide internal state. They are often used for unit testing, as well. Here is a good explanation. A: Getters and setters are methods in the same class. The difference between them is, a getter is always a public method and setter is always a private method in the same class. FILED NOT FOR PUBLICATION JAN 21 2011 MOLLY C. DWYER, CLER

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Kenway's Fleet Offline Skidrow Crack !!LINK!!

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